"Leader of Lifelong Learning"

UMP ADVANCED EDUCATION was formerly known as Centre for Continuing Education & Professional Development (CENFED). Its initial function was to coordinate the improvement of the skills development system for UMP students. As a result of a restructuring exercise, UMP ADVANCED EDUCATION was given a new and expanded role in the development of human resources in the community.

UMP ADVANCED EDUCATION function has been widened to include the development and coordination of retraining and professional development courses, continuing education and skills development programmes for UMP. UMP ADVANCED EDUCATION has become the catalyst for UMP in its effort to provide education opportunity to local industry and community.

UMP ADVANCED EDUCATION programmes ranges from those authorized by related authority - such as the Department of Safety & Health (DOSH) - to tailor-made ones, which are in line with customers requirements.

We are The Leader of Lifelong Learning in Malaysia

Authorized training provider for:

  • Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
  • Department of Safety & Health (DOSH)
  • East Coast Economic Region(ECER)
  • Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
  • To be an excellent education centre providing and conducting courses and training in the field of professional development and continuing education.

    To make sure the vision is achievable, the following mission have been identify:

    • The main services
      • Provide the training and course packages
      • to conduct the training and courses
      • one-stop centre for UMP in disseminating information and knowledge through seminar, conference and workshop.

    • Focus group
      • Public and private workers
      • Industries
      • Local Communities
      • UMP associates

    • Image
      • Professionalism
      • Centre of reward
      • Innovative

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